Solving design for startups and SMBs for over 14 years across the e-commerce, SaaS, and fintech industries.

Ricard Panadès Nadal
Senior Product Designer
Kind Words
I had the pleasure of working with Ricard for about a year as PM on the same team and as his direct manager. Ricard is a hardworking and dedicated UX designer, who always the best interest of the user at the heart of his work. He is very creative and resourceful, finding his way around problems and willing to learn to improve his skills. He is a great team player who is also not afraid to speak his mind so the team can grow stronger together. I really enjoyed working with him and would not hesitate to recommend him.
Product Manager at Meta
Ricard is a rockstar designer, simply put. I had the pleasure of managing and learning from Ricard for well over a year. He has an incredible passion for design and UI/UX that shows in his work. Excellent attention to detail, deadlines and design while staying user focused. It is very rare to find one individual that can deliver an excellent design approach to a problem/feature, and then turn around and also code it. He is plug and play in an agile/JIRA based environment, and delivered so much value to a small yet mighty design team. I hope to work with Ricard again soon.
VP of Design at Overproof
One of the most interesting designers I have worked with. Talent, passion, user-focused, open-minded, constant evolution, listening skills, empathy and generous teamwork. I hope to work with him again in the future 😉
Growth Manager at Rental Ninja