Everything started (well, my design passion to be more specific) when I was 15 because of a school project, back then we started a radio and I thought that we needed an online presence, so I decided to start a blogspot. Because I wanted to customize it, I started playing with Photoshop and some HTML and CSS to edit the template. This is how, without even realizing it, found my passion, from there I spent countless afternoons, nights, and weekends trying to learn more about the web and design.

Since there I’ve started freelancing not only doing web design but also graphic and print design, photography, social media, and marketing stuff.

I started working as a Product Designer at SoloStocks, the leading B2B marketplace in Spain, from there I moved to Boats Group to work on their boating classifieds sites.

Later on, I joined Hubtype as a Senior Product Designer to shape their conversational apps tools for their B2B customers to later become the Lead Product Designer and manage the design team together with the design culture.

Today I’m taking a small break to recharge batteries, and open to new exciting opportunities that can come up.

Personally, I’m a really curious person, I enjoy learning new things on a wildly range of topics. Besides design, I’m really passionate about cooking and I also love photography, architecture, and everything related to creativity.

One of my guilty hobbies since being a little kid is video games, they were pretty much my entry point to tech, I remember playing on the first PC that my father bought in the 90s and being completely hooked and not being able to sleep thinking about what kind of black magic was responsible for that kind of witchcraft.

Oh, and I also have a cat named Calcifer which is super clever and cute so here’s a picture of him because everyone knows that the internet wouldn’t be the same without cat pictures on it. (and some pictures of me too, sorry 😋)