Portfolio under construction

Hey! currently I'm working on my portfolio trying to have more details on the projects, process and improving it in general. If you have any doubts check my design process and my linkedin

This work is confidencial

This means that all the information that you will see is public or fake and dummy data and content to not share any private and sensible information
If this is not enough I invite you to see my design process

Changing the direction

For we wanted to change a little bit the existing product. Previously it was a more generalist classified of boats for sell, but it has always a big amount of boats from manufacturers (OEM) and new boats.

The idea with the project was to focus more on that OEM and new boats market and make use of all the information that we had to create a more informative site for both new and experienced boaters.

The result homepage navigation explore day cruising page oem page oem boat details page